Video 10 Feb 8 notes

A fan spin-off of the classic Bonta theme song from the MMORPG Dofus (

I imagine strobe lights beaming out of the holes of sewer grates from the rave club below and serious faced Iops getting their groove on. (think Techno Viking!)

This is more of a WIP made into a loop. Unsure when or if I will complete the entire song.

(To enable song loop, press Shift + L on your keyboard!)

Video 22 Jan

I absolutely love Kubbi! Check ‘em out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. :)

Photo 22 Jan 1 note Silly string and selfies. #BehindTheScenes#annierox111#isabellelee111

Silly string and selfies. #BehindTheScenes#annierox111#isabellelee111

Photo 29 Dec S’mores done in a hobo fire with le sisters.

S’mores done in a hobo fire with le sisters.

Photo 26 Dec "Hide, he’s gonna take a picture!"

"Hide, he’s gonna take a picture!"

Link 2 Dec How to disappear; Online privacy (pres)»
Text 20 Apr 9 notes Dofus/Wakfu Tofu in Minecraft

In memory of all the countless Tofus I have slaughtered over the years.

Video 29 Mar
Video 25 Mar

I recently created this simple loop as part of an outro for my Youtube channel.

Video 21 Mar 3 notes

The iconic Town Hall and Clock Tower located at the Octagon in Dunedin - New Zealand (I wanted to take more photos, but my phone was about to die… So maybe next time, and with a better camera)

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